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How we can help

Process Digitization

If you want to digitize business processes by help of an Oracle® or OneStream® product we design the suitable application environment with you and plan/execute the migration of your existing data.

Infrastructure Operation

We operate and maintain your infrastructure and applications in the long run. We keep both constantly updated and executable and offer you a comprehensive and personal support.

Application Hosting

If you want to outsource both infrastructure and application operation we offer an all-in service with hosting at Green data center Zurich-West. The center is certified in accordance with ISO 27001 and ISO 50001. 

Business Software­

We operate Oracle® and OneStream® applications as well as applications by third party developers (on request).

Oracle Hyperion ︎︎︎
Oracle Essbase ︎︎︎
OneStream XF ︎︎︎

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