Oracle® EPM System Release

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Oracle® EPM System Release

Abonnieren Sie unseren Newsletter für aktuelle Informationen zum Thema Infrastrukturlösungen für Geschäftsanwendungen:

Oracle® EPM System Release

This summary is meant to inform our clients on the changes, fixes and new features coming with the latest update of the Oracle® Enterprise Performance System. Though it is not a strictly necessary update in terms of security, we recommend the installation to keep your system up-to-date and prevent issues in updating later on. Depending on your SLA, please contact us to order the update.


This Quarterly Release Update is distributed as an OPatch comprising OPatches for individual EPM system components. Release 11.2.10 is a cumulative update and includes all updates from Release 11.2.9. This release update is applied on top of Release 11.2.8.x or Release 11.2.9.x. 

Release 11.2.10 (Release 11.2, Update 10) includes: 

  • ADF Patches 
  • Weblogic Patches 
  • Java Updates 

New Features

This section includes new features in this release. To review the list of new features from earlier releases, use the Cumulative Feature Overview tool. This tool enables you to identify the products you own and your current implementation release. With a single click, the tool quickly produces a customized report of new feature descriptions. This tool is available here: 

Release 11.2.10 includes the following new features: 

Please note: Essbase version ( remains unchanged in Release 11.2.10. 

  • Java 8 Update 331 
  • WebLogic Patch Set Update 
  • ADF Bundle Patch 
  • Added Oracle 21c database support. 
  • A new Native option is now supported to enable writing of runtime statistics for standard profitability applications. For more details, see Oracle Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management section in the Defects Fixed topic. 
  • Added -verify option support to the ApplyUpdate command. This option is used to identify any EPM patch conflicts. 
  • Support for Console mode will be removed from EPM System Configurator in the next full installer of EPM Release. 
  • Wallet creation section in the EPM Security guide is now updated. See Enterprise Performance Management System Security Configuration Guide 11.2 for more details. 
  • Added support to enable Automated and Event Monitoring Integrations for Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management. 
  • Added support to Install and Configure SOA Suite 12c for Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management. See Enterprise Performance Management Installation and Configuration Guide for Release 11.2.8 for detailed instructions. 
  • For all the new features in Release 11.2.8 and Release 11.2.9, see New Features: 11.2.8 - 11.2.9

Defects Fixed 

Release 11.2.10 resolves the following defects: 

Product Defect Number Description
Oracle Hyperion Infrastructure 33451229 Unable to perform silent configuration of HFM Cluster.
Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management 34094859 Enhanced Task Audit Trail report to handle a larger amount of data.
Oracle Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management 33976548 Profitability and Cost Management apps write various runtime statistics during the calculation processes. For large Standard Profitability apps, writing these statistics can add considerable time to the calculation. In the previous release update, a new installation preference was introduced which allowed bypassing the posting of statistics for Standard Profitability applications. This release update adds the option to write the runtime statistics using a different more efficient method. It uses the same installation preference but with a new value.
Oracle Hyperion Shared Services 34117795 If using Non-English, buttons on Migration status reportpage are small.
34108076 Email stage action fails when Japanese variables are used inHFM task flow creation on Japanese env.
Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management 34094859 Enhanced Task Audit Trail report to handle a larger amountof data.
Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 15946914 NLS:BIDI:POV Square boxes are not shown.
17550726 Issues during Manual Data Entry on WEBDEF using
22392296 Unable to scroll using scroll wheel in Firefox in AssignAccess Control.
28035961 HFM custom links sometimes don't work due to CR /LR chars in SSO token.
31146086 Journal report generating blank preview report if it doesn'thave description.
31262916 Replacing \N character with underscore does not help whenworking with cell text.
31366064 HFM DSN database name field accepts only 50 charactersand sending only SID connection not service name.
31542274 Level hierarchy does not collapse and expand correctly in agrid.
31869483 Task lists and favorites in HFM 11.2.2 do not hold theirposition.
32804964 Consolidation in running tasks page stops updating for longperiod of time at 20-30% then suddenly jumps to 100%.
33175800 Consolidation performance issue after upgrading from 11.2.2to 11.2.5.
33439961 TASK AUDIT shows the information that misleading theactivity being run by a user.
33715034 Prevent overlapping consolidations from running insmartview based on the ALLOWOVERLAPPINGCONSOLIDATIONOVERRIDE setting.
33788166 Provisioning manager roles are missing for users whileextract and loading the .sec file.
34006378 HFM 11.2.8 non-admin unable to use calculate button in dataform: "EPMHFM-1659: YOU DO NOT HAVE THE PROPERACCESS RIGHTS TO PERFORM THIS TASK"
34017995 INTERCOMPANY - ERROR in entity filter selection.
34060379 Unable to connect to TLS-enabled database when create DSNby using SSL parameters.
34135875 Unable to open HFM application after upgrade from11.1.2.4TO 11.2.8: "AN UNKNOWN ERROR HAS OCCURRED IN THEHSVDSMEMBERLISTS OBJECT. [[]]"
34170218 Unable to open HFM application in after upgrade from
34178892 DB LINK does not appear in HFM import application on 11.2.7.
34200997 "EPMHFM-1659: YOU DO NOT HAVE THE PROPER ACCESSRIGHTS TO PERFORM THIS TASK" when performingcalculate or force calculate from WDEF icons for non adminuser.
Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition (FDMEE) 33403091 Role security attributes reset when updating another tab.
34196067 User encountered ADF_Faces error while choose a file
33313175 Receiving multiple ADF errors while working on data management after upgrade to 11.2.5.
Oracle Hyperion Planning 32628016 User may not be able to create financial reports using Descendants function in non-English locale.
33775515 In certain cases, Planning unit promotion process may run for a long time.
33774981 User may get ADF error when navigating to UDA screen in edit member properties UI.
32727120 Page dimension members in Planning data forms may not indent correctly when using the SmartView
32993010 When creating a new member in dimension editor, attribute members assigned to previously added member may get added.
33744785 In certain cases, Outline Load utility may not display correct error message.
33516490 Financial Reports may take a long time to run.
Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting 29275132 Locally exported FR Reports that contain Annotations with special characters change to different values after an import.
32221189 Copying a group of formatted cells in Web Studio to a target range only applies the format to the first target cell.
33146398 Substitution variables applied as substrings of one another in member selection result in additional printed dollar symbols.
33544481 Related Content links entered into report grids on load- balanced set ups can open with incorrect URLs.
33634818 FR Web Studio displays a border around bars in a bar chart when the width value is set to zero.
33878988 Search Index Maintenance process logs numerous error exception entries.
33905783 Combo chart preview displays circles instead of diamond line markers when using Format Chart refresh.
33938086 Expand All in HTML preview does not display all children members.
33970318 Create utility to gather FR artifacts for audit purposes.
33972033 Format Chart utility for line charts Element Styles does not save selected colors.
33985548 Create a feature in Web Studio that will wrap all of the text in a grid.
33991505 Bar chart color selections reset to the default settings.
33997631 FR Web Studio Format Chart for combo charts does not retain selected colors when switching charts.
33997644 Chart line markers change to circles when previewing the report.
34017657 FR Web Studio Format Chart for line charts does not retain selected colors when switching charts.
34055160 Grid view does not immediately display updated row and column headings values when using Replace value with.
34057578 Adjusted grid cell text vertical alignment is not visible in Web Studio after applying it in the grid editor.
34057589 Web Studio report preview does not reflect conditional formatted grid cells
34068098 Reports migrated from much earlier versions of FR can show a dash instead of a zero when exported to SmartView.
34074460 Web studio preview does not display empty cells formatted with shading and colors.
34144823 An extra line appears before grids in reports that are migrated from earlier versions of FR when exporting to Excel.
34150743 Colors selected for Pie charts do not save properly and return to the default selections.
34182405 User POV is not available for all users when viewing HTML and PDF reports.
34357706 Imported LCM artifacts should show the current date for the modified date.

Known Issues

Release 11.2.11 includes the following known issue.

Product Defect Number Description
Oracle Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management 34510912 The Native option for the SPStatMethod installation preference for Standard Profitability applications is not functional in this patch.
34630290 Clustered environments including the Standard Deployment are not supported in this patch. If you need to install Profitability and Cost Management 11.2.11 on a clustered environment, contact Oracle Support through My Oracle Support for a patch that supports clustering.


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